LEGO Calendar

London design studio, Vitamins, has created an ingenious wall mounted time planner that’s built entirely from LEGO bricks and can be synced digitally with your Google Calendar account using a smartphone camera.



Horizontal panels represent the coming months and are split vertically to show individual days. Staff pick a LEGO minifigure to sit alongside their allocated row, then add different colored bricks to represent the projects they’ll be working on.

Vitamins then wrote some software so that whenever someone shot a picture of the calendar and sent it to a specific email address, the changes were synced with the team’s shared digital calendar. An email then notifies the user that the changes have gone live.

It’s a novel idea that combines the visual, tactile nature of a physical wall planner with the digital calendars that most of us now use daily on our smartphones.

Plus, it uses LEGO. Who doesn’t love LEGO?

Via The Next Web