GE rolls out their vision of the future.  Sometimes we often wind up with a bunch of design concepts that have zero chance of making it to market because those design concepts are  usually designed for “the home of 2050” or some other far-off date that nobody’s really thinking about yet. With GE’s “Home 2025” design concepts, they have made it their goal to stay within the realm of possibility. (Photos and video)



GE came up with a wide array of synergistic appliances, including a window-mountable urban grill which whips smoke outside in a flash. Then there’s the convenient cabinet-mounted 3D printer. The thermal nightstand is also fun, allowing you to write notes into its heat-sensitive surface. It’ll also recognize hot or cold food and beverages placed atop it and keep their temperatures constant for you.

From there, the concepts get more complex. There’s a closet and clothes washer hybrid that dispenses your outfit as a compressed, octagonal pellet. It can also wash clothes properly without your help, thanks to RFID tags embedded in each item. Simply visit your laundry machine’s “virtual closet” and select your outfit for the day and it’ll do the rest, even taking out the wrinkles for you.

GE’s kitchen sink of 2025 has a biometric sensor that can tell if you’re dehydrated. As well as H2O, it can dispense ice, carbonated water, and even specialty drinks. There’s a space-saving, in-sink dishwasher, the lid of which doubles as a cutting board and includes a water recapture function that waters your plants with your used dishwater.

For even more concepts from GE’s Home 2025 concept gallery, check out the video below. While GE has done well in keeping their ideas grounded in reality, we’ll have to wait and see whether any of these concepts ever really make it into our homes, but we’re slightly more optimistic than usual.


Via Dvice