Will high-speed car chases become a thing of the past? A company in the U.K. has developed a prototype that could stop cars in their tracks by blasting electromagnetic waves.



E2V’s RF Safe-Stop can stall the engine of a vehicle by confusing its electronic systems with radio frequency. The technology has piqued the interest of the military and police, reports the BBC.

In demonstrations seen by the BBC, a car drove towards the device at about 15mph (24km/h). As the vehicle entered the range of the RF Safe-Stop, its dashboard warning lights and dials behaved erratically, the engine stopped, and the car rolled gently to a halt. Digital audio and video recording devices in the vehicle were also affected.

There are concerns about the technology’s effects on electronic braking and steering systems, but EV2 says the risks are low. Because RF Safe-Stop works on electronic systems, it can also be effective on boats. However, it’s likely useless against older cars.


Photo credit: Tony’s Blasphemous Bologna

Via Fast Company