Pedal power can be a viable means of urban transportation. Velomobiles and pedal cars like the Twike 4XP exist to show us this. Companies like Scuderie Campari, meanwhile, exist to make pedal power dreams utterly, totally, and almost inconceivably sexy. This is the SC-1 ultra-luxe pedal car concept for adults, and it is gorgeous.

Intended to resemble pre-war Grand Prix racers from Mercedes and Bugatti, the SC-1 was designed by Christian Grande. As an industrial designer, Grande has “received no fewer than 15 awards for his nautical and automotive designs”, which goes a long way towards explaining the whys and hows of this Velo’s slinky shape.

While still just a concept, it’s worth noting that Scuderie Campari’s primary business is the construction of high-quality, high-end pedal child-size cars that are directly patterned after old Bugattis and the Ferrari-driven, pre-war Alfa Romeo race cars. While I don’t know this for certain, I can’t imagine that the knowledge required to make an electrically-assisted child-sized pedal car is very different from the knowledge required to make an electrically-assisted adult-sized pedal car. So, if there’s any demand, at all, I’m sure we can expect to see a production SC-1.

If that demand does materialize, each SC-1 will be to order, “tailor-made in the Parma workshop, customization options are vast, from the exterior design through colors and equipment.”

What do you guys think? Is the SC-1 a better interpretation of the human-powered urban EV concept than the Twike, or is the whole “pedal power” concept fundamentally flawed?

Via Gas2