It’s possible that you’ll be able to plug the smartphone in and charge it from 0 percent to 100 percent in just under a minute, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. An Israeli startup by the name of StoreDot revealed the technology at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference using standard smartphone batteries, and they claim it’ll even be portable. (video)



As the demo was held at a Microsoft conference, the actual demonstration was shown on a Samsung Galaxy S3; however, the technology will almost certainly be available for Apple’s smartphone. Fast battery chargers already exist, but they’re expensive, unwieldy things for special batteries. StoreDot, however, claims that its technology will only cost around twice as much as traditional chargers.


Batteries traditionally charge quickly during the first 80 percent of the charge, but slow to a trickle for the last 20 percent so as not to overload the battery. StoreDot has apparently found a way around this limitation, and that it’ll even work with existing technology. Unfortunately, production won’t even begin until sometime in 2016.

Presumably, however, this technology could be used for other products such as MacBooks and iPads. And as Cult of Mac points out, if the technology actually works as well as StoreDot claims it does, it’d be a killer startup for Apple to acquire.

Via Mac Life