Israeli startup StoreDot charges smartphone batteries to full in 30 seconds



It’s possible that you’ll be able to plug the smartphone in and charge it from 0 percent to 100 percent in just under a minute, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. An Israeli startup by the name of StoreDot revealed the technology at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference using standard smartphone batteries, and they claim it’ll even be portable. (video)



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PowerTrekk uses water to charge mobile phones



A Swedish company, myFC,  has figured out how to power smartphones using a system that includes some water, a tray, a little round container, and an eyeglass case styled cover. The company is introducing its PowerTrekk system to Americans at the CES show in Vegas. PowerTrekk describes its charger as a pocket size, lightweight gizmo for users “who spend time away from the electricity grid.” Translation: If you are hiking over the weekend with no Starbucks or friend’s flat in sight, your phone can still get charged. (Videos and pics)

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Airenergy – Charging Your Gagdets with Air


RCA Airenergy

Have you noticed recently just how many gadgets we all have that need seemingly constant charging and re-charging?  Cellphones, laptops, mp3 players, digital cameras, and now even books need to be charged regularly so we can happily go on using them.  Carrying around a charger for all of these items is not only cumbersome but also impractical when you consider the issue of having to find an outlet to plug the charger into. RCA is preparing to market the latest solution: a sleek, pocket-sized wireless charger.  (video)


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Plugless Power for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

plugless power

Evatran plugless charger for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Evatran, a company from Virginia in the US, has developed a working prototype of a plugless induction charger for electric and hybrid vehicles, and demonstrated the system at this week’s Plug In conference in San Jose, California. (video)


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Solar Pebble Lamp Doubles As Gadget Charger

led-solar-pebble 7621

The new light of your life?

It might not change the world, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Plus Minus Solar has designed what it’s calling the LED Solar Pebble, a multifaceted device that requires just a pinch of sunlight (or maybe gobs of it, actually) in order to generate artificial light. And charge your arsenal of gizmos. It’s engineered to be built at a low cost and used in developing nations, but unfortunately there’s no confirmation on what exactly it’d charge…

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Pen That Also Charges Your Phone

Pen That Also Charges Your Phone

 Keep your friends close, but your batteries even closer


Mobile chargers, small devices with batteries that you can plug a dying cellphone into, have been around for a while. But because they serve just one purpose, they haven’t caught on that well. People need to remember to carry them around with them so when the time is right, they have it on hand. Easier said than done.

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