The submarine was named after famous independence fighter Yun Bong-gil (1908-1932).

South Korea has launched its fifth 1,800-ton-class attack submarine last week as part of efforts to boost its underwater warfare capabilities against North Korean submarines, the Navy said.The 214-class submarine, named after famous independence fighter Yun Bong-gil (1908-1932) and manufactured by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., will be delivered to the Navy in late 2015 and commissioned the next year, a Navy officer said.


The ship is armed with indigenous ship-to-ship cruise missiles named Haeseong, or Sea Star, torpedoes and mines for anti-submarine warfare. The cruise missiles with a maximum range of 1,500 kilometers are capable of carrying out precision strikes against enemies’ key facilities, he noted.The sub’s maximum underwater speed is 20 knots, which enables it to ply between South Korea and Hawaii without refueling.

The diesel-powered submarine is equipped with an air independent propulsion system, which enables the crew to carry out underwater missions for about two weeks without access to atmospheric oxygen, the officer said.South Korea operates more than 10 submarines, including 1,200-ton Type 209 subs and 1,800-ton Type 214 subs.North Korea is known to have about 70 submarines, including a 1,800-ton Romeo-class submarine that the communist country made public last month with its leader Kim Jong-un conducting a drill while standing on its turret.

Via Asian Defence News