trucker shortage

The biggest issue is a problem of supply and demand.

Drivers don’t like big rigs on the highways because of their intimidating size and slow speed. Semis are absolutely vital to moving goods around the country. But, the US is on the road to a major trucking crisis. A recent analysis from Business Insider finds that we aren’t producing nearly enough new drivers to fill all the needed seats. By 2022, the shortfall could reach 239,000 people.


Even now, there’s room for about 30,000 additional truckers to enter the industry, and that’s only going to get larger. Drivers are constantly jumping from company to company with huge turnover rates, but there is little new blood coming into the workforce.

The biggest issue is a problem of supply and demand. Changes in the industry and new regulations mean that the amount of long-distance truckers required is only going up. On the other hand, fewer people are willing to leave their families and homes for a life on the open road.

The solution is simple economics. With a small employee pool and lots of available work, the industry is paying drivers more in hopes of luring more people in. Of course, that’s likely going to raise freight costs and in the end increase the costs of goods. Head over to Business Insider to read the full report including all sorts of statistics showing just how bad the problem is.

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