Thomas Frey

Futurist Thomas Frey

If there’s one thing we all wonder about, it’s the future. Being able to predict the future would come in handy when it comes to running your business and your life.  Did you know you could turn to a futurist for answers? (Video)



Thomas Frey is one of the world’s top futurists. He’s the innovation editor at Futurist magazine, senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute, a nonprofit think tank in Boulder, Colorado, and the author of a fascinating book called “Communicating With the Future.”

He does not have a crystal ball, does not read tea leaves and does not read palms. Instead, he reads demographic data, trend reports and spreadsheets. What he does is as much science as art.

He describes the techniques he uses to get into the heads of people who are creating the future around us.

He talks about how our current technologically-driven world is affecting the speed of revolution and whether he’s optimistic about the future of mankind.

Find out what he thinks are the implications of 3D printing and how it’s going to affect all of our lives sooner than you might think. Wait until you hear about the types of products that are already being printed. Here’s a clue — it may soon change the way you shop in stores.

Plus, he weighs in on the future of marijuana legalization, how he sees it having a widespread impact on our society, and why he envisions a future without prisons.

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