What would you think if someone told you they lived in a grain silo?  You might imagine them sleeping on a bed of hay and bathing in a horse trough.

Maybe they’re guarding a missile or tending to a pack of animals. After all, grain silos are found on farms, where they’re used to store many tons of – you guessed it, grain and even missiles at certain times in history. They don’t exactly seem like the ideal place to call home. Unlike a shipping container, which you can easily re-imagine as a dwelling, a grain silo doesn’t render the same creative impression. But after you see what Christoph Kaiser did with this one you’ll see them in a different way, because Christoph transformed one from a boring metal cylinder into a perfect place to call home.

You’ll find this home in the Garfield Historical District of downtown Phoenix. The original 1955 corrugated steel cylinder has been transformed from a cold, empty shell into a hip, insulated 340sf home. One obvious challenge that comes with making a home out of a silo has to do with the curved edges. The unique shape makes for an interesting look both inside and out, and Christoph did a great job bringing it all together. The two-story home uses a lot of warm wood on the interior and maximizes the usable floor space with its clever layout.

grain-silo-lofted-bedroom-600x400 grain-silo-walnut-kitchen-600x400 grain-silo-white-metal-exterior_0-466x700 MG_5946-600x400

Images and article via Tiny House For Us