Who are the companies that are shaping the future of crypto-tech computing, decentralized services, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain?  How many are there?  

I spent the last month combing and classifying through the crypto-technology market, and what started like a 3-day spreadsheet project with an expectation of reaching 100 companies, mushroomed into a large publishable database of 425 companies, spread across 64 sub-categories. The data now resides in an open “Silk”, a powerful Web service for publishing data.

The various companies are classified into 4 major categories, as depicted by this graph:


Here’s how the company count distribution stacks up, according to this donut graph.

The top 3 categories with the most players are:

  • Exchanges with 43 companies
  • Wallets with 42 companies
  • Trading services with 27 companies

In the Explore mode, you can drill-down by any of the 4 categories (Applications, Middleware Services, Ancillary Services, Infrastructure & Platforms), by sub-categories (e.g. wallets, exchanges, etc.), or you can search directly for a given company.

Image credit:  Simon Claessen | Flickr
Via Start Up Management