shrinking chinese economy

The economy in China is shrinking, and it’s happening faster than anyone expected, not even the country’s government.

As such, economists and investors around the world are working every day to paint a clear picture of what’s going on with the second largest economy in the world. The data visualization, from a recent Credit Suisse note, should help with that.

Right now President Xi Jinping is guiding China through a delicate transition from a country with an economy based on investment, to one based on domestic purchasing power and consumption.

The thing is, until investment and the cash it brought with it is drying up faster than the Chinese consumer powers up.

As a result, manufacturing, property development, and other key drivers of the economy are all slowing down. Indicators are flashing red.

Check out the diagram above from Credit Suisse. As you can see in red, every major economic indicator is down from its 4-year average.

Image and article via Business Insider