The population in Europe is aging. The governments have had to think of some interesting ways to keep people active. Spain and the United Kingdom have started opening playgrounds designed specifically for the elderly. And people seem to be enjoying it! (Video

“I am not someone to stay home. I get out a lot. Because if you stay home, you spend all your time criticizing your kids, eh?” said Franchesca, an 84-year-old from Spain who uses the playgrounds.

The hope is that the parks will pay for themselves by keeping the elderly out of state-funded hospitals.

Paz Vidal, a physical therapist, said they want to “break the myth of the old person coming to the park and just sitting while grandkids play. And then going home. Kids can also have fun here. The parks help create family cohesion. And it’s intergenerational.”

Don’t worry – the idea is making its way to the States. Nonprofit KaBOOM!, which primarily builds kids’ playgrounds, has made more than 50 of their parks fit for use by the elderly.

Article and image via Distractify