European parks now feature playgrounds made for senior citizens


The population in Europe is aging. The governments have had to think of some interesting ways to keep people active. Spain and the United Kingdom have started opening playgrounds designed specifically for the elderly. And people seem to be enjoying it! (Video

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Arizona mom inspects and records filthy conditions at fast-food playlands


Developmental psychologist and mother, Erin Carr-Jordan, has made a shocking discovery of what is really lurking in children’s playlands. There is a lack of state/local regulation that is resulting in potentially deadly conditions for our children.


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Retro Playground Sports Catch on with Grown-Ups



After 40 intense minutes, C.R. Hooligan’s and Shenanigans are tied 7-7, so the teams take the court for one more round.The players — most of them in their 20s and 30s — are shouting, clapping, high-fiving, putting their game faces on. Head umpire Peter Boyer steps between them in the gym of Highlands Elementary School in Wilmington, Del. He lowers and calms his voice so the players pay attention to him.


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Rocket-Proofed Indoor Playground


Some pretty cool ideas come out of hard times

Brightly painted walls surround a mini-soccer field, video games, a climbing wall and play areas. The converted warehouse also has a new thick concrete roof, a half dozen shelters and an alert system to give a 15-second warning of incoming rockets.

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