Impact Lab has become one of the world’s most influential compendiums of future trends, emerging technology, and futurist thinking. And we throw in a few other articles that don’t fall into these categories but catch our attention anyway.

Since our reader base is quite different than virtually every other news site on the Internet, we thought it was important for you to see which of our articles from 2015 were gaining the most attention.

NOTE:  This is an unusual and eclectic assortment of articles that will surprise even our most avid followers.



10) Clear solar panel could turn windows into a power source

Michigan State University researchers have developed a transparent solar cell capable of being used as a replacement for windows.  Due to the fact traditional solar panels absorb light and convert it into energy, this concept was once deemed impossible as transparent surfaces are not capable of absorbing light.


9) Amazing connection between gut bacteria and cognitive functioning

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a new link between cognitive functioning and gut bacteria.  In recent years the science involving bacteria in the gut and its link to health and cognitive functioning has boomed.  Parkinson’s disease has even been linked to changes in gut bacteria.  Published in the journal Neuroscience, a new study shows that diets high in fat and sugar are probably impacting cognitive functioning, because of their impact on the type of bacteria that thrive on high-fat and high-sugar diets.


8) 8 Predictions for 2025: The world in 10 years

Peter Diamandis:  In accordance with Moore’s Law, by 2025 we’ll see an acceleration in the rate of change as we move closer to a world of true abundance.


7) What giant food companies think millennials want

The question that every major food brand is wrestling with right now:  What do millennials want?  An article recently in Forbes clears up why, ”There are 80 million millennials in America alone and they represent about a fourth of the entire population, with $200 billion in annual buying power.”


6) Man-made DNA that can mimic killer diseases, injecting them into patients create immunity

Man-made artificial DNA strands that mimic deadly diseases such as the flu, Ebola, cancer, and HIV have recently been created by scientists.  Researchers are claiming that the treatments could be the key to defeating these killer diseases.  Human trials have already begun and results are with researchers saying the results are promising.


5) Thoth Technology’s inflatable space elevator gets a lift

Over the past 50 years, getting to space hasn’t become any easier technically speaking. It still requires using huge rockets to create a massive enough amount of force to push a payload beyond the grip of Earth’s gravity. Enter the concept of the space elevator, which uses much simpler gravity-defying technologies to access space.


4) New plug-in hybrid mobile home design, the Model H, unveiled by Tesla

The Tesla brand is a perfect example of the current trend of the best designed products come with a hefty price point.  Elon Musk understands that many people make great sacrifices to purchase one of Tesla’s incredible sexy electric cars.  Now in an attempt to ease the burden, and perhaps expand their market share, Tesla unveiled plans for their next ground-breaking innovation: a plug-in hybrid mobile home.


3) The top future jobs

Being able to predict future job positions that will be in demand and that will command a reasonable living wage – can mean the difference between having a vibrant career and being consigned to the scrap heap before your time. What are the likely future employment trends and what does it mean for career planning?


2) New compact fusion reactor from Lockheed Martin could change humanity forever

This invention could possibly modify civilization as we know it:  Presented by Skunk Works, , the stealth experimental technology section of Lockheed Martin, a compact fusion reactor about the size of a jet engine, capable of powering airplanes, most likely spaceships, and cities.


1) Nissan’s New Electric Car will go farther than ever

For many more people that realize it, electric cars are already adequate for their needs and better than a gasmobile for their bank account and quality of life. However, it often isn’t good enough for disruptive technology to be better than the incumbents. It has to be much better. The target for electric cars, in order to meet that challenge, is a very long-range and affordable electric car. That would bring electric car convenience to another level, and leave gasmobiles with not a single actual advantage over electric cars, compared to nearly 10 for electric cars.

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