The Tesla brand is a perfect example of the current trend of the best designed products come with a hefty price point.  Elon Musk understands that many people make great sacrifices to purchase one of Tesla’s incredible sexy electric cars.  Now in an attempt to ease the burden, and perhaps expand their market share, Tesla unveiled plans for their next ground-breaking innovation: a plug-in hybrid mobile home.  

The “Model H,” as the mobile home has been dubbed, looks suspiciously like a gigantic Model X on steroids, and will fill a niche in the market that has not previously been tapped. Tesla’s mobile home has been designed specifically for those so desperate for the Tesla dream that they have defaulted on their homes to afford their precious Model S.

Brainiac inventor Musk and his team spent a lot of time planning the features to be included in the Model H. As expected, each home will come equipped with an automated snake-like supercharger so homeowners can power up their electric cars as often as necessary. Interestingly though, the mobile home itself is also a plug-in hybrid, and can be charged on its own supercharger, which is powered by Tesla’s new house battery.

Priced at just $120,000, the Tesla Model H comfortably houses a family of four (or more, if your children are small and willing to share a bed). Inside the home, Tesla included all the amenities you’d expect: flat-screen TVs, a space-efficient kitchen, a bathroom with composting toilet and water-saving shower, and a built-in video monitoring system so you can keep an eye on your Model S while it’s parked outside. That last feature is important, of course, since the Model H won’t come with a garage.

Tesla completed the prototype of the mobile home for a spring unveil, and we’re eagerly awaiting an update on when pre-orders will begin. Musk made a wisecrack on Twitter that current Model S owners may be eligible for a discount on the Model H, but we’re not sure if it was a joke or a way to boost sales in New Jersey. We’ve heard that you’ll be able to place an order online and have your Model H delivered to the address of your choosing within days after assembly.

Tesla-Mobile-Home-Art-Interior Tesla-Mobile-Home-Dog-Interior Tesla-Mobile-Home-Interior

Images and article via OffGridQuest.com