A washer represents a significant expense in both water and electricityA wash cycle consumes anywhere from 50 to 100 gallons of water, depending on the age and model of your machine. Drumi is the latest alternative that conserves both water and electricity.

And then there is the issue of logistics.

Do I put only half washer or hope to have enough clothes to fill it? And if there are many, it is worse. ¿I squeeze thoroughly all that I can to make a wash but then only have to remove it with plunger, or separated into two batches, resulting in double spending on electricity and water?

Not to mention when you spot your favorite outfit and all you have to wash.

You can always wash by hand, of course, but it is a slow and tedious process: rub, twist, clear …

The ecological washing Drumi of Yirago promises to solve most of these problems. It works without ELECTRICITY , it takes 5 minutes to wash, and only needs 10 liters of water. You can only wash 5 or 6 pieces , true, but is ideal when you have little laundry or you forgot to wash the pants you want to get tomorrow.

If Drumi not need electricity, how does it work? Easy … pedal …

As you can see in the video, Drumi simulates the usual cycle of a standard machine, but uses the force centífruga providing a powered with the foot pedal to wash.

First you introduce 5 liters of water, soap, and clothing. After pedaling two minutes you get the soapy water, you return to enter five liters of water to rinse, and pedaling two minutes. Finally, take out the water and you come back pedaling another minute, to simulate the spin.

Drumi is ideal if you have to wash a few clothes, if there is little space at home, or to save on water and electricity. Even you can take it on vacation, or camping, as we said, you have to plug. And you can teach a child to wash their own clothes … And even you do some exercise!

Image Credit: yirego.com
Article via compyterhoy.com