‘Sunspring’ might seem like any other budget sci-fi film, but this wasn’t written by a Hollywood scriptwriter.

The trailer for the new release was debuted on tech website Ars Technica and is the world’s first ever film to be written completely by Artificial Intelligence.

The AI algorithm created the short film, with some help from director Oscar Sharp, for the Sci-Fi London film festival.

Sunspring follows three people living in a dystopian future, but with a slightly incoherent plot line.


The AI, which named itself Benjamin, was created by AI researcher at New York University, Ross Goodwin.

Benjamin is a recurrent neutral network, mostly used for the purposes of text recognition, that was fed with screenplays from the 1980’s and 90’s.

The algorithm then works by recognizing common phrases that frequently appear next to each other in scripts and uses this data to produce its own script.

Although it wasn’t without fault.

Goodwin told Ars: “Benjamin spat out the screenplay, complete with almost impossible stage directions.”

“As soon as we had a read-through, everyone around the table was laughing their heads off with delight.”

Benjamin was also able to create the soundtrack for the film, following in the footsteps of Google’s recent success in that field.

At the beginning of June, Google’s Magenta program wrote the world’s first piece of music created solely by AI.

The 60-second melody was composed without any human intervention, apart from to provide four starting notes.

Sci-Fi London festival is also famous for it’s 48-hour film challenge which sees actors and directors given props and lines to make a movie over the course of two days.

Image Credit: Sunspring/The Scene
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