As more plans are put in place in preparation for the colonization of Mars, it leads us to think what other planets or satellites we could conquer. Another place in our solar system that’s always captured the fascination of many is the moon. But, is it really possible to create a livable atmosphere on the moon just as here on Earth?

For quite some time, scientists thought the moon had no atmosphere, but they have since been proved wrong. It’s not an atmosphere like the one we experience here on Earth. On the moon, the atmosphere is thin (called an exosphere) and is a lot less dense than ours. But, does that mean that it can’t be done?

Pretty much, I’m afraid. Although I am a big believer that anything is possible, it would be rather difficult to make this one happen. In order to maintain a decent, livable atmosphere, there needs to be enough gravity in place, to begin with, to keep everything in its place. And, there also needs to be some force field in place to ward off the solar winds. Unfortunately, the moon doesn’t have either of these.

It may be possible to create a livable atmosphere on the moon, but due to the unstable conditions up there, it’s unlikely to stay that way for long. However, volatile ingredients would be needed in large quantities that could only be found at the edge of the solar system in the form of comets, so this could prove quite tricky to use. So, for now, at least, it looks like scientists and others will have to stick to Mars as the next place to colonize.

Image Credit / Article via trendintech.com