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The wheely suitcase changed the luggage industry in a big way, but now there’s something even more remarkable on the market.

Travelmate is a new robotic suitcase that moves as you walk and reaches speeds of up to 6.75mph.

If you don’t like packing light you will know the pain of dragging a huge suitcase around with you.

Not only will the hands-free bag save you from heavy lifting, it will also ensure you never leave your luggage behind.

The carry-on follows its owner wherever they go, by connecting to a smartphone.

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Travelmate integrates with your smartphone to accomplish complex tasks that no other suitcase can do. It can move vertically or horizontally with ease.

The suitcase can navigates large crowds and is able to recognize and avoid objects as needed.

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Travelmate is fully TSA compliant and our suitcase sizes are standardized. The smallest Travelmate is carry on sized and fits the specifications of all major airlines’ requirements for carry on specifications. The Travelmate has a touch enabled lock system that uses your fingerprint to open your suitcase. In order to comply with TSA guidelines, we have also included a mechanism to manually open the suitcase. You can always add a separate lock to your suitcase for extra security.

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Travelmate includes a GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to know the location of the suitcase at all times with the Travelmate smartphone application. You can remove the GPS chip and use it for other suitcases or attach it to other things that are easily lost. Most other smart suitcases have GPS integration, but none of them allow you to remove it easily. We will also include two extra GPS chips in all Travelmate models, so that you can conveniently track your belongings.

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All Travelmate models will include a built in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You’ll never have to worry about over packing because Travelmate will conveniently display the suitcase’s weight. You can switch between Kilograms or Pounds via the Travelmate application.

The 20inch carry-on complies with IATA, ICAO and FAA regulations, according to the company.

And there are currently three different suitcase models, ranging from carry on sized to a large suitcase.

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VIA: Daily Star