Elon Musk’s new Boring Company tunnels look pretty, well, not boring.

The company on Friday published an animated concept video on YouTube that shows how tunnels underneath a city could work. In the video, a car drives onto a metal platform that then lowers itself underground. The platform, with the car on top of it, speeds along at 124 mph, while other platforms carrying cars do the same. When the car reaches its destination, the platform lifts it back to the earth’s surface.

Musk, the brains behind SpaceX and Tesla, has teased for months that he’s creating a company to drill holes beneath Los Angeles to alleviate traffic congestion. He first tweeted about the possibility in December after being stuck in traffic. Musk promised to start digging in February, though it was unclear whether he was serious about his so-called Boring Company.

Last month, he created a hat for the Boring Company, and Thursday, photos emergedof what’s believed to be an earth-drilling machine to dig tunnels under traffic.

SpaceX didn’t have a comment.

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