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It’s rather ironic that a boring company is becoming one of the most fascinating new companies in the world.

Elon Musk’s Boring company published new images of concept vehicles that could one day be used in its underground tunnels.

The electric vehicles were briefly first shown in a video Musk shared in April during a Ted Talk presentation, but in the new images, you can clearly see that these are passenger vehicles that can fit multiple people standing or sitting. The vehicle also appears to be made of a glass enclosure and shaped like a minibus.

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Boring Company

These passenger vehicles won’t be the only way to use the tunnel, though. Musk said during his Ted Talk that cars could access the tunnel by using a car elevator.

Basically, the system works like this:

A person would drive their car onto a skate aboveground that is on top of a car elevator. The skate would be sent underground via the elevator and into the tunnel. Once in the tunnel, the cars could travel up to 130 miles per hour on the skate, Musk said during his Ted Talk.

Earlier this month, Musk revealed that the Boring company had begun digging its first demo tunnel in the SpaceX parking lot. He also shared photos and video footage of the company’s giant tunneling equipment in action.

Ultimately, Musk aims to build a network of underground tunnels in Los Angeles that would move cars on these electric skates. But it’s unclear if he has the permits yet to pursue the project on a larger scale.

Check out how the tunnel system would work below:

Via Business Insider