Razer 3 screen 1

Razer is taking the bold step of not just doubling, but outright tripling the number of screens on a laptop. This is Project Valerie, a super bizarre concept from a company known for making very nice, very expensive gaming hardware.

The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the three-screen concept. In total, the screens create a massive 11520 x 2160 display.

Razer 3 screen 2

Razer’s calling it “12K,” which isn’t exactly accurate. These are three 17.3-inch discreet displays, each offering 4K visuals.

Razer 3 screen 4

So, how does this work? The screens are automated — you push a button and they extend out:

Razer 3 screen 3

It looks like a kind of massive laptop when it’s all closed and folded up:

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