Electric vehicles are steadily improving and gaining in popularity. Unfortunately for those who enjoy driving larger vehicles, there are no equivalent options in fully electric vehicles. Elon Musk could change that over the next few years with the introduction of a mid-size pickup truck.

Musk recently asked for feedback from Tesla owners on Twitter. The eccentric CEO wanted to know, “How can we improve further?” Over 10,000 responses were given with feature requests and modifications for future generations of Teslas. Ideas ranged from simple requests to improve Bluetooth streaming to a cheesy “disco mode” to synchronize interior lighting with music.


In true fashion of offering exceptional customer service, Musk replied to many customer inquiries directly. Out of the many great ideas and oddball suggestions, the standout remains the response indicating the likelihood of a Tesla pickup truck.

Even though the engineering work may be already completed for an electric pickup truck, Tesla still needs to deliver thousands of Model 3 vehicles that have been ordered in addition to the Tesla Semi before releasing yet another new vehicle. In further responses, Musk says the Tesla pickup will be similar in size or slightly larger than a Ford F-150 to account for a “game changing” feature.

For now, we know that the Model Y is a crossover vehicle meant to fall in line between the Model 3 and Model X and should launch in 2019. It is expected that the new pickup truck mentioned will be officially unveiled within the next two years but there is no telling what endeavors Tesla may take on in the near future.

Via Techspot