Imagine if anytime, anywhere you felt a little fatigued in the legs you could simply lean back and take a load off? The developers of Lex are working towards such a future with a folding exoskeleton that turns into an ergonomic chair in just a few seconds.

Lex is much like Chairless Chair we looked at back in March, in that it is essentially a seat that you wear and carry around with you. Where the Chairless Chair is aimed at factory workers in need of respite, Lex seems to be designed with all day, everyday use in mind.

Adhering to its owner with just a waist strap and two leg straps, Lex is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs just over a kilogram (2.2 lb). When the user is on the go, it folds up into a neat, slimline package that allows full freedom of movement.

Lex is much like Chairless Chair that we looked at back in March, in that it…


It also features a handy load-transfer module for backpack wearers, which comprises a flexible panel that extends upwards to the base of the bag and transfers up to 50 percent of the weight from the shoulders to the body’s core.


And when it comes time to take a rest, Lex’s two legs can be unfurled by pulling on the release levers behind each buttock. Despite its lightweight frame, Lex can support up to 120 kg (264 lb), and is designed to go further than simply offering a place to park your backside.


Astride Bionix, the startup behind Lex, says a lot of energy went into making it seat its owners at just the right angles. It is designed to prop people up with their thighs at a 120-degree angle to the body, which is claimed to promote good posture by keeping the spine in its natural position.

The creators imagine users going about their daily business with Lex strapped to them, ready to spring into action whenever tiredness sets in. This could be when traveling, in tightly confined workspaces, or waiting for a train. We’re not sure how comfortable you’d be sitting on a train with these thin aluminum beams running down your backside, but with just three straps Lex could be removed without too much hassle if need be.

Available in four colors, Lex is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where early pledges of US$256 will have one shipped your way in December if everything runs as planned. You can check out the pitch video below.

Via Newatlas