RAF Top Guns will fly new Tempest jets with a “virtual cockpit” instead of traditional controls.

The 4,000mph fighter is due to replace the Typhoon from 2035 and will be piloted or guided remotely.

Pilots will wear virtual-reality gloves and will be able to charge course with a wink or gesture.

Rather than the familiar control column, the cockpit will feature a computer which relays information into a helmet-mounted display screen.

Pilots will wear Iron Man-style ­virtual-reality gloves and be able to change course or fire missiles with a wink or ­gesture.

Sensors will identify targets and offer options on how to destroy them.

Pilots will also wear suits which monitor breathing, heart rate and stress levels.

And information will be relayed to base so chiefs can advise.

BAE Systems is working on back-up systems in case the virtual reality fails.

A spokesman said: “We are looking at a ‘wearable ­cockpit’.

“Eye-tracking gives you the option of looking at something to highlight it and then gesturing to press a button rather than having a series of buttons.”

Tempest could be hypersonic — fly at over 4,000mph, three times faster than current fighters.

It will fire lasers and carry mini drones for swarm attacks.

The project has cost £2billion and each jet could cost £100million.

Via TheSun.com