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This is some next level problem solving

As preventative measures against COVID-19 are increasing around the world, more and more folks are staying inside. This is especially fantastic news for pets. They have no idea what’s going on, but suddenly their humans are home all the friggin’ time. Literally pet heaven.

However, stricter lockdown rules mean those pets are in danger of becoming just as bored and stir crazy as their owners. Just because pets can’t contract or infect humans with coronavirus, (the strains that affect humans and animals are completely different) pet owners are still under strict social distancing orders and cannot all congregate in the same place. So no more human-run dog daycares, no more pet playdates, no more busy park visits.

One man in Cyprus, though, has figured out a pretty ingenious way to ensure his fluffy four-legged friend still gets plenty of exercise and hit the town — by having his drone do all the “walking” for him.

By attaching his dog’s leash to the drone, Vakis Demetriou can still take his dog out remotely while practicing social distancing.

Plus, his dog looks like he’s having a pretty great time!

Via FunnyOrDie.com