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Much like the movie “Fight Club”, the first rule of joining the SBA Loan Club is that you don’t talk about the SBA Loan Club! Here’s why, and it comes with an 80% discount offer!

The coronavirus has not been kind. If you’re like most small businesses today, you’re operating on a shoestring, employees on unemployment, contracts on hold, and sales agreements postponed.

When a disaster occurs, the first goal is to survive. But survival means rethinking your entire business strategy, and the only lifeline is a government bailout program cloaked in mystery.

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President Donald Trump signed the $484 billion COVID-19 rescue bill on Friday, April 24. It includes $310 billion in new money for the latest bailout. The first round of funding ran out of cash within days of being released on April 3.

The SBA bailout program was crafted to keep workers of small businesses on the payroll. Loans will be forgiven if employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and if the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest or utilities. But that’s where it gets tricky.

The rules for getting the money are plenty confusing on their own, but the loan documents you’ll agree to once you’re approved will make you question everything.

That’s the reason behind the Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit, and for readers of theDaVinci Institute and the Impact Lab you’ll get 80% off of the normal $100 price. All you pay is $20!

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If you’re still uncertain, the webinar is a great way to test the waters and hear from the team at the  Capital Innovation & Technology Institute directly.

FREE WEBINAR: Framing an economic recovery project will be the principal topic of the next free Small Business Pandemic Survival & Recovery Webinar presented by Karl Dakin and produced by the Capital Innovation & Technology Institute that will be held at 9 am MDST (Denver) on Thursday, April 30 at Knowledge Avatars in a Virbela virtual office platform.  You may register now at

This Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit includes:

    • The complete printable guide
    • Step-by-step walkthroughs for filling out the application forms
    • Free expert moderated forums
    • Curated list of resource centers
    • Best practices
    • Interactive Q&A to answer your questions
    • Charts
    • Templates
    • Case studies
    • An intelligent bot that answers your questions
    • A virtual reality meeting center with real-time chat rooms for each government program
    • Automatic updates as conditions change

The latest bill provides a ton of money for small lenders and will be split between banks and credit unions. It’s an effort to boost the participation of credit unions and who say they were edged out of the first round by big banks.

Sign up today for the Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit, and since you saw this offer on the Impact Lab you’ll get 80% off of the normal $100 price. All you pay is $20!