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Canoo MPDV. 
  • Electric-vehicle startup Canoo unveiled two delivery vans Thursday and announced that a third, larger version is in the works. 
  • The futuristic-looking MPDV1 and MPDV2 will offer up to 500 cubic feet of cargo room and get an EPA-estimated range of up to 230 miles. 
  • Canoo offers customizations like storage lockers and shelving, and said large customers can develop a fleet of custom vans. 
  • Limited availability starts in 2022, with full-scale production beginning the following year. 

Tesla may have a lineup of electric luxury cars and a battery-powered semi on the way, but it doesn’t offer any smaller work vehicles for last-mile deliveries and small businesses. EV startup Canoo is targeting that exact space with a new lineup of futuristic electric delivery vans it announced Thursday. 

Canoo unveiled two multi-purpose delivery vehicles — a small MPDV1 and a medium-sized MPDV2 — and announced that a third, larger MPDV3 is in the works as well. The customizable vans can be tailored for use with many different types of businesses, Canoo said. 

Legacy automakers and startups alike have announced plans for battery-powered work vans, with RivianFord, Mercedes-Benz and Bollinger all making inroads into the space in the last couple of years. 

EVs are well-suited for commercial use, because range often poses less of a problem, commercial vehicles tend to follow predictable routes, and EVs are cheaper to run and maintain than gas-powered vehicles. 

Learn more about Canoo’s delivery vehicles — which the company says will hit streets in 2022 — below.

The MPDV1 — the most compact van of the bunch — starts at $33,000.

Canoo MPDV. 

It’s 14.4 feet long and offers up 230 cubic feet of cargo space, including both the rear area and the cabin.

Canoo MPDV. 

About as long as a Toyota C-HR, it’s smaller than typical cargo vans on the market today, but Canoo says it gave the MPDV1 a small footprint so it can get around in urban environments and fit in height-restricted areas.

Canoo MPDV. 

The MPDV2 is taller, wider, and longer than its little sibling, offering 500 cubic feet of cargo room, about the same as the largest 2020 Ford Transit van available.

Canoo MPDV. 

Both vans come with the same motor that produces 200 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque.

Canoo MPDV. 

And both can be optioned with a 40-kWh, 60-kWh, or 80-kWh battery pack.

Canoo MPDV. 

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