It’s as fun to watch it unfold as it is to actually watch your program on it. 

C Seed is no stranger to extravagant TVs, but its latest set takes things up a notch. And a giant one at that.

The Austrian company’s just-announced M1 is a folding 4K MicroLED TV set that rises out of the floor like a robot when you’re ready to watch the big game or binge your favorite show. While that alone makes it noteworthy, so does its size, as the set measures a massive 165-inches diagonally.

You may take as much enjoyment out of watching the M1 turn on as you do watching an episode of The Sopranoson it. When you’re ready to sit down and take in a show or a movie, a hidden compartment in the floor opens, an obelisk-like column rises from it and then, once upright, the folded-up screen fans out before locking itself into place in the set’s base. Basically, it’s a Transformer that turns into a TV and doesn’t take up any room when you’re doing something else.

Just as impressive is the TV’s vibrant, crystal-clear image quality of its 165-inch 4K MicroLED screen. The display is coated with a special screen surface display that ensures black areas are rich and accurate, while the company’s Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology renders the border between each of the screen’s folding panels totally invisible. Built into the set’s aviation-grade aluminum frame are a pair of 250-watt broadband speakers and a 700-watt subwoofer, helping create an immersive viewing experience.

C Seed is billing the M1 as the “world’s first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV” and technical innovation like that doesn’t come cheap. The set, which is available in four finishes—Black, Gold, Silver and matte “Titan”—will set you back $400,000.

Amazingly, the M1 isn’t the company’s largest folding TV. That title belongs to the brand’s 301-inch outdoor TV. It’s nowhere near as elegant and its image quality can’t compare to the M1, but it can withstand the elements and measures a jaw-dropping 25 feet by 19 feet.