SuitX’s Iron Man-like exoskeleton prevents injuries in a variety of jobs that involve heavy lifting.

By  Chris Young

Much has been said about the rising need for warehouse robots to meet the recent surge in demand for e-commerce products. 

One company, SuitX has a different plan altogether. By using mechanical exoskeletons, the company, founded by the University of California, Berkeley’s Human Engineering Lab, is improving the efficiency of warehouse workers as well as preventing injuries.

A recent Interact Analysis report states that 28,500 new warehouses will be built globally by 2025 to meet the rising demand for e-commerce products. Though robots — such as Boston Dynamics’ new robot, ‘Stretch’ — will undeniably play a vital role in taking up part of the workload, the human workforce still has an important role to play.

SuitX’s exoskeletons, sometimes referred to as “wearable robots”, enable humans to carry out lifting jobs that would have otherwise required heavy-duty machinery.Recommended