Soon you could talk ‘face to face’ with other people at a distance, thanks to the Starline project, the system that Google is developing to project 3D holograms in video calls.

Technology is getting closer to realizing what once seemed like futuristic fantasies in the style of ‘Star Wars’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘The Jetsons’. Google is already working on the Starline project , a system for making video calls that project 3D holograms of people in real size.

Project Starline was unveiled this week, during the Google I / O event , where the ‘Big Tech’ presented its next news. The company assured that it is a step towards approaching the future of conversations, as it seeks to make the most realistic video calls in the history of humanity.

Google indicated that Project Starline is made up of hardware comprised of multiple cameras, sensors, and a screen or frame. Of course, it will also include revolutionary smart software.

The cameras, which include a 3D recording system and depth sensors, will collect information from a person’s face, body and movements. These will be processed and compressed by an intelligent system, which will send them to another computer via the internet in real time.

The receiving device will decompress the data and convert it into a holographic projection, which will be displayed on the screen or frame. Thus, we will see our interlocutor as a life-size 3D model, speaking and gesturing as if we were face to face.

The promotional video published by Googleraises many expectations, because although it seems like a science fiction short film, Project Starline could be a reality in the coming years.