By Cristina Mircea

Gardening is a rewarding activity indeed, both for your mind, as well as for your body. Unfortunately though, most of us can’t find enough time to dedicate to it, as our hectic lifestyles get in the way. That’s where this smart garden robot comes in, to make sure you don’t have to sow yourself, but just reap the benefits.

Sybil is a small, but a very capable device with machine learning capabilities. It can autonomously plant, weed, and map your entire garden.

After it creates maps of your garden, it detects the areas where nothing is planted and starts planting seeds on its own. Moreover, it also identifies plants that shouldn’t belong there (weeds) and gets rid of them. The way it can tell the difference between crops and unnecessary plants is by using machine learning and a neural network trained with more

Equipped with LiDAR and dual front-mounted cameras, this bot automatically creates internal maps of your garden, identifying any potential obstacles and avoiding them. If moved manually, it can also find its way back to the location it was working on.

All you have to do is place the seeds into the hopper of the bot and take it to your garden. It will do the rest with no intervention on your part. Not only will Sybil be able to plant and weed on its own, but over time, this machine will learn which areas in your garden require more attention. This will help with saving the battery life.

And speaking of the battery, the little gadget is solar powered. You can leave it outside 24/7 and it is also waterproof.

You can currently find Sybil on Kickstarter and pledge at least $297 to get one. The estimated delivery date is December 2021, assuming the campaign is successful. So far, Sybil’s creators have raised over $5,300, of the total amount of $8,800. However, there are still 56 days left in the campaign, which is enough to come up with the rest of the money.