2026 will see a radical change to Audi’s lineup of cars and SUVs, while 2033 will be the last year it produces combustion engines.


Audi confirmed in March of this year that it was stopping all development of combustion engines to focus completely on electric vehicles. Then, a few months later, its board chairman Markus Duesmann told German news that all new Audis would be electric from 2026. And, today, it’s confirmed that timeline for phasing out internal combustion engines, by saying that “new Audi models from 2026 will be all-electric, and combustion engine production to end in 2033.”

Audi announced the plan as part of its new Vorsprung 2030 manifesto, which highlights how Audi is planning to become more sustainable in the ways it develops vehicles. The detail goes from the combustion phase-out to looking for that unbelievably sexy automotive buzzword currently—”synergies”—that will help the brand transfer its main area of profits from combustion vehicle sales to electric. 

Vorsprung 2030 is the work of Audi’s chief strategist Silja Pieh, along with about 500 other employees across innovation and key markets, including China and with a focus on the United States.

So the good news is, more E-trons are coming. Not just that, though; part of Vorsprung 2030 is about making Audi’s EVs different from their competitors and other VW brands. At the moment, all E-trons use the same base technology as the Porsche Taycan. For the future, Audi wants to look at factors including “steering angle requirements, hand torque, and acoustics in order to develop a one-of-a-kind Audi feel.”

Of course, you’re not going to transform a company without it costing a penny. Jürgen Rittenburger, member of the board for finance and legal affairs said: “In order to tackle a transformation such as the one Audi is currently undergoing, we must and indeed will free up the appropriate financial resources. This is the only way to ensure that we remain competitive and viable over the long term.”

What that means is things like pulling the plug on Formula E fun and a corporate search for ways to do things smarter. Or, as we need to apparently call it now, “synergies.”

If that doesn’t sound exciting, then hopefully the future focus on Audi keeping its Vorsprung and looking to provide uniquely Audi driving experiences does.

Via TheDrive.com