by Jasmine Pennic 

What You Should Know:

Global digital wound care provider Swift Medical, today announced the launch of a new application specifically designed to help pharma and med device researchers conduct decentralized clinical trials. Since patients are now doing more trials at home, study coordinators have had trouble tracking skin side effects remotely — or trusting patients to conduct adequate analysis and recording on themselves.

– Swift Medical’s first product, Swift Skin and Wound, provides an AI-powered, digital wound platform that allows any patient or clinician to easily capture high-precision images of skin or wound conditions with any smartphone camera. Swift Skin and Wound autonomously determines clinical characteristics, tracks disease progression, enables remote communication, and securely shares patient data in real-time.

To date, Swift Medical’s technology is used by more than 4,000 healthcare organizations internationally, including health systems and providers of all kinds, academic institutions, research organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Why It Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clinical trial participant recruitment more challenging while also creating new barriers to visit trial participants in person, resulting in longer and more expensive clinical trials. Because analyzing skin conditions during medical research is a critical part of the clinical trial process, Swift Medical was presented with a unique opportunity to support clinical trials across multiple sites without the need for expensive equipment by leveraging its technology. As a result, Swift Medical developed Swift Scientific to be a purpose-built tool that enables efficient and cost-effective decentralized clinical trials by allowing researchers to analyze skin and wound conditions from any smartphone.

“Organizations conducting and managing clinical trials are facing unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic, yet their research is needed now more than ever. We’ve already proven that the Swift Medical platform can be a trusted solution for producing clinical-quality images, but now we see an opportunity to help researchers develop life-saving treatments in a faster, more efficient manner,” said Carlo Perez, co-founder and CEO of Swift Medical. “Even after the pandemic, decentralized clinical trials represent the future for medical research, giving applications like Swift Scientific unlimited potential to power the next generation of data collection and analysis.