Neolix-FedEx delivery vehicle

By Gabriella From Gasgoo

Beijing (Gasgoo)- Global express transportation giant FedEx Express announced that it is working with China’s Neolix to test autonomous delivery vehicles in China. This marks the first time that FedEx has partnered with local Chinese tech company for driverless vehicle tests.

The partnership signifies FedEx’s effort to embrace the innovative, sustainable and intelligent logistics in China.

FedEx disclosed that the Neolix collaborative vehicles will be electric-powered with a range of 100km on a full charge and features L4 autonomous functions. The vehicles will be mounted with an interchangeable cargo box that can be converted into a temperature-controlled storage or a parcel locker. The maximum cargo capacity is roughly 500 kg.

“The rapid growth of e-commerce requires more flexible and efficient digital logistics solutions to solve the ‘last-mile’ delivery challenges. Our collaboration with Neolix will help us further understand the role of autonomous vehicle technology in enhancing operational flexibility and diversity, which is our latest initiative to support sustainable and intelligent logistics,” said Eddy Chan, senior vice president and president, FedEx China.

The partners’ last-mile delivery vehicle tests started in October, Beijing. The vehicles will be tested in a diversity of scenarios including campuses and office buildings, across different time periods.

The FedEx-Neolix autonomous vehicle will be on display at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai.