Leap into the Future: UK Takes the Lead with Autonomous Bus Network

The United Kingdom is set to make history as it unveils its first driverless bus network in Scotland, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of autonomous transportation. The groundbreaking service, which will commence operations next week, will feature drivers ready to take control in case of emergencies, ensuring passenger safety.

Operated by Stagecoach, the service aims to transport approximately 10,000 passengers per week along a 14-mile (22.5-kilometer) route using five single-deck buses. This innovative initiative will become the world’s first automated local bus service, revolutionizing public transportation as we know it.

According to Peter Stevens, the policy director of Stagecoach bus service, the autonomous technology powering these buses has undergone extensive testing. However, this marks the first time it has been integrated into a registered local bus service. The demonstration near Edinburgh showcased the remarkable progress made in autonomous bus technology.

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Autonomous Trucks Will Be Cruising Down Highways Next Year, Startup Says

A startup named AVTech claims that it will be launching autonomous trucks next year, which will be cruising down highways without a human driver. According to the CEO of AVTech, Jane Smith, “We have been working tirelessly for the past five years to perfect the technology and now we are confident that we can deliver a safe and reliable autonomous truck.”

The technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which allow the trucks to make decisions on their own. The trucks will be equipped with sensors, cameras, and other technologies that will help them navigate through the roads and avoid obstacles.

The CEO of AVTech claims that the autonomous trucks will be more efficient than traditional trucks, as they will be able to drive for longer hours without taking breaks. This will result in faster and more cost-effective deliveries for companies that use them.

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Gatik Announces Collaboration with America’s Grocer to Future-Proof Supply Chain with Autonomous Box Trucks

Kroger will deploy Gatik’s autonomous box trucks to serve customers with increased delivery frequency, reliability and responsiveness

Gatik, an autonomous technology company that specializes in middle-mile logistics, announced a collaboration with “America’s Grocer” on Monday to future-proof the grocery chain’s supply chain. The partnership will see Gatik deploy its autonomous box trucks for deliveries between retail locations and distribution centers.

The collaboration with “America’s Grocer” comes after successful deployments with other grocery chains, according to Gatik CEO Gautam Narang. “We are thrilled to expand our autonomous technology to ‘America’s Grocer’ and offer a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for their middle-mile transportation needs,” Narang said in a statement.

The deployment of autonomous box trucks is expected to help the grocery chain enhance its supply chain efficiency and customer experience. The autonomous vehicles will be able to operate for extended hours, increasing delivery speed and reducing congestion during peak traffic times.

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Honda reveals third-gen Autonomous Work Vehicle

Honda is preparing to reveal the third-generation of its Autonomous Work Vehicle later this month featuring updates including LiDAR sensors.

Honda has unveiled its third-generation autonomous work vehicle, designed to improve safety and efficiency in a range of industries. The vehicle features advanced autonomous driving technologies, as well as a compact, lightweight design that makes it ideal for use in confined spaces.

The new work vehicle builds on Honda’s previous models, which were used in a variety of applications, from construction sites to agricultural fields. According to Honda, the third-generation model is the most advanced yet, with a range of new features and capabilities.

One of the key features of the new work vehicle is its autonomous driving technology. The vehicle is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow it to navigate its surroundings and avoid obstacles. It can also be programmed to follow a predetermined route or operate in a specific area.

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Secretive new startup focuses on off-road autonomous vehicles, led by UW robotics experts

An autonomous Polaris vehicle equipped with sensors and computers developed by researchers at the University of Washington.

A new startup led by a robotics expert at the University of Washington is taking on the challenge of creating autonomous vehicles that can navigate off-road environments.

The company, called TerraDrive Solutions, is led by Vikram Iyer, an assistant professor of robotics at UW. Iyer has spent years researching robotics and autonomous vehicles, and he believes that his team can tackle the unique challenges presented by off-road driving.

“Autonomous vehicles have made great strides in recent years, but most of the focus has been on urban driving,” Iyer said in a statement. “Off-road environments present a whole new set of challenges, from unpredictable terrain to extreme weather conditions. We believe that we can create autonomous vehicles that can handle these challenges and operate safely and efficiently in any environment.”

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Ford files patent to allow self-driving cars to drive away from owners who don’t keep up with payments

Repossessions are about to get a whole lot more impersonal.

Ford has filed a patent application that describes a technology that would allow self-driving cars to move themselves away from their owners. The patent, titled “Autonomous Vehicle with Reversible Wheel and Pedal Layout for Compact Parking,” was filed in January 2017 and was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office in August 2018.

According to the patent application, the technology would allow a self-driving car to move itself to a location where parking is easier or more convenient, without the need for a human driver to operate the vehicle. This could include parking in a garage or moving to a more suitable spot on the street.

Ford’s patent application notes that the technology could be useful in situations where a human driver is unable to park the vehicle, such as when the driver is unfamiliar with the area or when parking is limited. Additionally, the technology could be used to avoid parking fees or fines.

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Amazon’s Autonomous Car Hits Public Roads

Zoox, an Amazon subsidiary that develops autonomous vehicles, announced that it began testing its electric self-driving robotaxi with passengers on California public roads.

Amazon is making strides in the development of autonomous vehicles, with the company’s self-driving car hitting public roads, according to a recent article on ThomasNet. The vehicle has been developed by Amazon subsidiary company Zoox, and it has been seen cruising around several neighborhoods in Seattle.

The car is fully electric, has four-wheel steering, and can carry up to four passengers, and it features a unique carriage-style design that enables passengers to face each other. The vehicle has no driver’s seat, and while Amazon has yet to reveal its plans for the self-driving car, there is speculation that it could be utilized for a range of purposes. As the article notes, “Amazon’s self-driving car could open up a range of possibilities for the e-commerce giant, from same-day delivery to transporting people between its physical stores and warehouses.”

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Autonomous Ride Hailing: A Future of Transportation Driven by Machines

The transportation industry is undergoing a major transformation, and ride hailing services such as Uber and Lyft are leading the charge. With the advent of autonomous vehicles, the future of ride hailing is rapidly becoming one of machines driving us to our destinations.

As technology continues to advance, the deployment of autonomous vehicles is becoming increasingly viable. Companies like Waymo, Tesla, and Cruise are at the forefront of developing self-driving cars that have the potential to revolutionize the way we move around our cities. These vehicles will provide a more convenient, efficient, and safer alternative to traditional forms of transportation.

One of the key benefits of autonomous ride hailing services is the elimination of the need for a human driver. This not only makes the service more affordable, but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by human error. Autonomous vehicles are equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms, such as those developed by Mobileye, that allow them to navigate complex road conditions and avoid potential hazards.

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Electric Future: MIT showcases electric autonomous boat technology

If you like the idea of zero-emissions travel on the water, an electric autonomous boat might be the right mode of transportation for you.


Scientists from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City Laboratory, together with Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions(AMS Institute) in the Netherlands, have been showcasing the final project in their self-navigating trilogy: a full-scale, fully autonomous robotic boat that’s ready to be deployed along the canals of Amsterdam.

“Roboat” has come a long way since the team first started prototyping small vessels in the MIT pool in late 2015. Last year, the team released their half-scale, medium model that was 2 meters long and demonstrated promising navigational prowess.

This year, two full-scale Roboats were launched, proving more than just proof-of-concept: these craft can comfortably carry up to five people, collect waste, deliver goods, and provide on-demand infrastructure. 

The boat looks futuristic – it’s a sleek combination of black and gray with two seats that face each other, with orange block letters on the sides that illustrate the makers’ namesakes.

It’s a fully electrical boat with a battery that’s the size of a small chest, enabling up to 10 hours of operation and wireless charging capabilities.

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The World’s First Intelligent Unmanned Oceanographic Research Ship Enters Service

The World’s First Intelligent Unmanned Oceanographic Research Ship Enters Service

The world’s first intelligent unmanned oceanographic research vessel “Zhuhaiyun” entered service in the city of Zhuhai today.

The ship, which has successfully completed all its maritime test objectives, is the world’s first intelligent oceanographic research vessel with autonomous navigation and remote control functions. The ship’s power system, information system, dynamic positioning system and operation support system are completely independently developed by China.

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The autonomous mover for everyone: World premiere of HOLON vehicle at CES 2023

– New BENTELER brand HOLON presents world’s first autonomous mover built to automotive standards

– Vehicle to combine sustainability, inclusion, comfort and safety

– Design by Pininfarina, a long-term partner of HOLON

– Collaboration with Mobileye, Beep and Cognizant Mobility, among others

– Pilot projects being prepared for the USA and Germany; US production start planned for end of 2025

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HOLON, the new brand from the BENTELER Group, will present its autonomous, fully electric and inclusive mover for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. The vehicle is the world’s first autonomous mover built to automotive standards – in other words, a leader in safety, ride comfort, and production quality. The HOLON mover operates autonomously and with a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37mph). It has a range of about 290 kilometers (180 miles).

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Vueron Technology to Provide Self-Driving Trucks for One of South Korea’s Biggest Cold-Chain Providers

Vueron Technology did not share many details about the partnership, but noted it will help bring added sustainability through the transportation process. 

Vueron Technology has partnered with Teamfresh, one of South Korea’s biggest cold-chain logistics providers, and will supply it with its self-driving trucks.

The Seoul, South Korea-based company offers several vision products. The company said VueOne is its flagship product and uses only one lidar sensor to help autonomous vehicles detect obstacles. VueTwo is used for IoT applications and smart city applications for safety and security purposes. Vueron added that it works with automotive OEMs and Tier-1s.

Earlier this year, the company was approved for LiDAR-only autonomous vehicle testing permits in California.

“Through its innovative LiDAR-based solution, Vueron believes it can tackle the dual problems of high transportation costs and labor shortage, which have always represented a big hurdle in the logistics market,” it said.

Seoul, South Korea-based Teamfresh offers customers “order processing, operation consulting, fresh food third-party logistics, and commercial refrigeration vehicle distribution systems,” according to Pitchbook. It was founded in 2018 and has raised a total of $118 million.

Vueron said by working with Teamfresh it is helping establish a sustainable transportation service within the cold-chain marketplace. Vueron claimed that Teamfresh accounts for “90% of the whole fresh product delivery business in South Korea.”

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