by Florina Spînu

California-based startup Udelv unveiled the first cab-less electric delivery van virtually at CES 2022. Called the Transporter, the vehicle will use Mobileye’s vision-sensing technology that will allow it to achieve Level 4 autonomous operation for last- and middle-mile delivery of goods. 

The Transporter features a modular pod that is capable of carrying up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg) of cargo that includes anything from convenience goods, e-commerce packages, and auto parts to electronics and medical supplies. 

“The Transporter is transformative for two of the world’s largest industries: automotive and logistics. It was created to solve two great challenges of commercial fleets: the shortage of drivers and the electrification of fleets,”said Udelv CEO Daniel Laury.

The vehicle can make up to 80 stops per run at speeds that reach 70 mph (113 kph). It has a battery capacity between 90 and 160 kWh. The cab-less van can cover between 160 and 300 miles (257-483 km) depending on the chosen battery pack. The company says that it will take less than an hour to add up to 220 miles (322 km) of range when recharged at a DC Fast Charging station.

Tech-wise, the Transporter will be equipped with Mobileye’s self-driving technology. This includes an array of cameras, LiDARs, radars, and Mobileye’s fifth-generation autonomous driving chip as well. It will also come with Udelv’s proprietary teleoperation system that will allow for maneuvering in loading zones, parking lots, and private roads.

The Transporter will feature Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM)mapping technology, which can recognize colors, track traffic patterns, and read on road signs along given portions of the roadway.

Udelv plans to produce more than 35,000 Transporters by 2028 outfitted with Mobileye’s tech and start commercial operations next year. The first 1,000 pre-orders have already been placed by Donlen, one of America’s largest commercial fleet management companies, and the Europe-based Planzer and Ziegler Group.

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