A James Bond-inspired concept will allow Elon Musk’s Cybertruck to be driven on water.

The Cybercat idea is designed to quickly transform Tesla’s vehicle into an all-electric high performance amphibious catamaran.

It sees the addition of electric outboard motors, pontoons, and optional hydrofoils in the Foiler model, which fold or collapse into parts to be stored in the vehicle.

They can then be installed “by a single person in less time than it takes to launch a boat.”

Elon Musk has previously said the Cybertruck design “influenced partly by The Spy Who Loved Me”, and even bought the 1976 Lotus Espirit featured in the film.

Now Cybercat creator Anthony Diamond believes that taking the vehicle onto the water will “pay homage to this passion.”

He explains, “We believe that with more than 1.3 million Cybertruck reservations, the market potential for Cybercat is immense and total gross margins comparable to those generated from the Tesla Model S and X vehicle lines combined are achievable.”

The Cybercat has estimated pricing of between $22,900 and $32,900, while the Foiler would market at $35,400 to $42,900.


Cybercat would have a top speed of around 25+ mph and a range of 115 miles, while the Foiler is expected to reach 40+ mph with a similar range.

Diamond says the patent pending concept is “not a third-party aftermarket solution. Instead, we intend to work directly with OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to bring the concept to market.”

“We are both serious and excited about this concept and intend to work with OEMs to bring these watercraft to market,” he adds.

Seattle-based Cybercat company TSWLM Electric Vehicles Inc.—named after the Bond film —are now accepting emails to demonstrate market interest and “substantially increase the probability that Cybercat becomes real.


CYBERCAT SPECS (estimated):

TOP SPEED (Est.) – 25+ mph (22+ knots)

RANGE (Est.)

– 115+ mi. at 6 mph (100+ NM at 5 knots)

– 50+ mi. at 15 mph (44+ NM at 13 knots)

POWER – Up to 335 HP (5x 50 kW outboard electric motors)

PRICING: $22,900 TO $32,900


TOP SPEED (Est.) – 40+ mph (35+ knots)

‍RANGE (Est.)

– 75+ mi. at 25 mph (65+ NM at 22 Knots)

– 115+ mi. at 6 mph (100+ NM at 5 knots)

‍POWER – Up to 335 HP (5x 50 kW outboard electric motors)‍

PRICING: $35,400 TO $42,900*