The Hyundai partnership with IonQ for the use of quantum computing is all about the acceleration of self driving technology

By Sahil Gupta


  • Object detection is central to autonomous cars 
  • Hyundai will be training on IonQs Aria quantum computer 
  • IonQ has already resolved images in the quantum state

Hyundai has expanded its partnership with IonQ to use Quantum computers for object detection for self-driving purposes. This will be a new project which harnesses the power of Quantum computers to run machine learning algorithms for learning image classification and 3d objects to develop technologies for its future vehicles. 

Object detection and image classification are the basis of computer vision techniques which is a field of artificial intelligence that is critical for the development of self-driving cars and ADAS technologies. IonQ and Hyundai are looking to enhance the computational functionality and be more efficient with the training process of their machine learning algorithms with the use of Quantum computers as they can process faster and more accurately than traditional techniques. 

IonQ and Hyundai will leverage a breakthrough in encoding images into a quantum state. IonQ is already classifying 43 types of road signs using its Quantum computers. Its machine learning data will be applied to Hyundai’s test environment and will simulate many real-world scenarios. 


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“We are excited to expand our existing relationship with Hyundai Motor to focus on another key aspect of next-generation mobility,” said Peter Chapman, President, and CEO of IonQ. 

“From partnering on battery research for electric vehicles to image classification and object detection research for automated driving, we expect to see quantum computers become an even more integral part in developing novel transportation solutions,” he added. 

Hyundai and IonQ are going to be developing foundational quantum techniques for the sake of object detection in the context of the road. The project will be using IonQ’s quantum computer called the Aria which will enable lower costs for processing. Aria has 20 algorithmic qubits which make it one of the most powerful quantum computers on the planet. 0Comments

Hyundai and IonQ have been working this January where they have been collaborating for the optimization of lithium-ion batteries and had already partnered for quantum computers, so this is an expansion of the partnership.