byNeha Tandon Sharma

The space is designed to appear like a private booth done up as a leather-clad recliner flanked by a large television screen, a folding timber-look tray table, a seat-side storage compartment, and a reading lamp. 

According to 
Executive Traveller, the project was led by Tangerine China director Weiwei He. He says the references to the aviation industry were deliberate, with China Rail aiming to deliver a comparative experience to regional airlines.

Speaking with 
DesignWeek, He explained, “The price is comparatively cheaper than business class flying and offers a better experience than on narrow body airlines – more space, better seat comfort, bigger storage provision, and a quieter, more private environment. Compared with a regional two- or three-hour flight, the high-speed train can offer a cheaper, greener, and more convenient journey in about the same time.” The interiors look striking with a sporty winter look incorporating motifs like snowflakes, icicles, and snow carvings. The warm celebratory red color palette resulted from the games coinciding with the Chinese New Year. 

The train includes a restaurant besides VIP carriages and is equipped with a bar and media center. The media center plays a vital role for passengers to enjoy sporting events on large television screens while nestling on sofa-like lounge seating for comfort. 

The business class seats are outfitted with wireless charging, personal screens, and secure seat-side luggage stations. What more? These lie-flat seats can rotate! The completion of the 2022 Winter Games doesn’t mean you can’t experience the Winter Olympics train; the train is still up and running in regular rotation.