A rendering of a future vertiport.  

One vertiport already exists in Coventry city centre in the UK.

It is currently used to launch drones into the sky. But the company that designed it, Urban Air-Port, is also trying to adapt it to flying taxis by 2024.It plans to build 200 similar facilities worldwide in the next five years.

r“It is the future of a segment of aviation that is coming. It will be here by the end of this decade. And I think in the 2030s it will start to become ubiquitous,” said Michael Whitaker, the chief commercial officer of Supernal.

Supernal is one of the companies trying to operate these hubs.It claims that these flying taxis will be electric and quiet and have the ability to carry four passengers.

But they will come with a hefty price tag. According to Urban Air-Port, one of these ports will cost between €6 million and €12 million to build.

Via EuroNews.com