By Thea Felicity

Chinese scientists are making strides in moving objects with our minds by experimenting with real-time, remote, and wireless mind control of metamaterials. 

Inventing Real Life Telekinesis.

Telekinesis, or using your mind to move items at a distance, conjures up images of pure fantasy. However, behind the curtain of fiction, scientists are actually working on it already. But one way to make Telekinesis possible is to combine brain signal collection technologies with developing programmable metasurfaces (PM), the functionalities or operating modes of which may be switched or changed by on-site programming or pre-defined software. 

Nonetheless, the majority of extant PMs are wired to users, manually operated, and not real-time.

This new experiment suggests a solid framework for accomplishing ‘real-life telekinesis.’

To do this; human engagement and participation were required. For starters,  a human should be able to directly manipulate the metasurface with their mind. It has also been extensively documented that the human brain generates brainwaves when thinking. 

The authors hypothesized that collecting brainwaves and utilizing them as metasurface control signals would allow users to operate metasurfaces using their minds. It would also enhance metasurface response rates. This advancement would be a huge step toward profoundly intelligent metasurfaces.

The medium to make this happen, however, is in the form of remote control. Then, it wirelessly sends brainwaves from the user to the controller through Bluetooth. The goal was to regulate the electromagnetic response of programmable metasurfaces using the user’s brainwaves. They exhibited a remotely-mind controlled metasurface where the user may change the scattering pattern by using this approach.

The simulated and experimental results showed that the user’s brainwaves had a direct influence on the outcome, with a significantly greater control rate and switch rate. To put it another way, this framework enables humans to manipulate metasurfaces. And maybe, in the future, other objects as well.

Is it ‘Real Telekinesis’?

To clear things up, there have been experiments on Telekinesis already using A. I and other advanced engineering materials. But the new notion of remotely mind-controlled metasurface (RMCM) using brainwaves is proposed in the new innovation. The metasurface is controlled by brainwaves gathered in real-time and transmitted wirelessly from the user, rather than DC electricity from a power source or AC voltage from signal generators.

Moreover, SciTech Daily reports that the research team intends to integrate this with clever algorithms in the future to improve the procedures. They think their findings can be easily applied to various mind-controlled functional or multi-functional metasurfaces. It might be used in fields as diverse as health monitoring, 5G/6G communications, and smart sensors.