Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals introduces an AI-based cataract screening solution available on Whatsapp with technology, which yields an accuracy of 92%. 

By Disha Chopra, in collaboration with Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, New Delhi, has introduced AI as a screening solution to identify cataracts with an accuracy of 92%. The innovation presents a simple chatbot on WhatsApp and would not require any additional application. The screening can be done in rural areas. is an intelligent care service provider aiming to bring AI with a user-friendly interface. In recent developments, the company has helped Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals to solidify its position as a leading eye care provider that uses AI for health screening. The latter is an established eye care provider with over 10 lakh successful procedures and surgeries in its 14 facilities in North and East India centers. 

Priyanjit Ghosh, Co-founder, and CEO, of, expressed that Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals is a proactive partner with the firm. Their partnership synergizes with’s vision of new-era technologies like AI to promote health screening. The collaboration aims to build top-of-the-line AI products in the healthcare domain and bridge the gap between technology and medicine. 

She said, “We are grateful to the top leadership of Sharp Sight for providing us the opportunity to collaborate in this journey.”

Deepshikha Sharma, CEO of Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, stated, “The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought breakthroughs in many areas of medicine. In ophthalmology, AI has delivered robust results in the screening and detection of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinopathy of prematurity. Cataract management is another field that can benefit from greater AI application.”

She added, “We are really glad to partner with Logy.AI envisions, which will open doors for healthcare professionals to undertake research and better utilize AI tools to understand their patient’s disease patterns and improve treatment outcomes significantly.”