Trent Fowler is a noted keynote speaker on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and futurism, and he is the co-host of the Futurati Podcast. Reach out here if you’re interested in booking him for your event.

An image of bitcoin.

Blockchain – revolutionary technology or jpeg pyramid scheme? 

That all depends on which project you’re talking about! But it is going to be a part of the future, and if you want to take part in that future safely, you need to understand how it works.

People have many questions about the blockchain:

  • ‘How is the blockchain secure?’
  • ‘What is bitcoin?’
  • ‘What is immutability?’
  • ‘Why is bitcoin open source?’

In this video keynote speaker Trent Fowler breaks down the Bitcoin blockchain and why people are so excited by it. By using simple analogies he explains terms like ‘distributed ledger’, so you can see what the blockchain is actually doing.

After watching this video, you’ll have the answers!

Why Bitcoin?

Trent focuses on bitcoin specifically because it’s the most famous and widely-used blockchain. But this information will give you a great foundation for studying any other blockchain system.

For example, the Ethereum blockchain is based on the bitcoin blockchain. Understanding bitcoin will help you if you decide to dive into Ethereum!

And the same goes for other blockchains, like Cardano, Polka, Avalanche, or Solana.

With this new knowledge you can follow news about the blockchain, and separate real developments from hype. This is important, because the crypto space has many scams. Only by having a basic understanding of the technology can you keep yourself safe.

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