Ottobot is an autonomous robot will be used for food delivery at airports next year. 

By Ishita Banerjee

Food delivery is expected to reach a whole new level with Ottobot- a self-manoeuvring that will deliver food from airport eateries to your gate. With the help of Ottobot, you can get your food delivered to the gate through which you board your flight.

Ottobot is an autonomous robot for delivery of small hand-held items. Around next year, it may be put into use and it might be seen delivering airport restaurant and cafe food right to customers’ tables. As of now the areas that it is being explored in are the restaurant terrains, airports, groceries and postal services.

Ritukar Vijay, Ashish Gupta, Pradyot Korupolu and Hardik Shama are the four founders of the Ottonomy company which they have been working on since 2020. It has around 40 employees across India and the US.

As of now the focus is majorly on three key areas including full autonomy, accessibility and easiness-to manoeuvre. Ottobot has the ability to work in indoor areas that are unseen past the typical GPS, says a report by IEEE Spectrum.

Ottobot uses ultrasonic sensors, 3D lidars and cameras instead of GPS. Safety options have also been added to this bot and it can be easily managed by the staff members. Low battery will be prompted as well. Ottobo measures 1.5 meters tall. In order to order and access food through this bot, customers need to scan a QR code. Upon matching the robot opens and customers can take their food from it.

Reportedly, the makers of Ottobot got their inspiration from wheelchairs powered by electricity. Ottobot has four wheels all of which move together at the same time and at the same speed. The wheels can work on outdoor sidewalks other than the airport floor. The price and time will depend on the delivery location but it is expected to work in ten minutes. It is still under development and more information is yet to come but it definitely seems like an interesting approach.