They cost $1,400 and will make you feel like you’re always on a moving sidewalk.

According to the article on Big Think, Nike’s Vaporfly shoes have been making waves in the world of marathon running. Designed to enhance performance, these shoes feature several key elements that have set them apart from other running shoes.

As the article explains, the shoes incorporate a carbon fiber plate that runs the length of the sole. This plate is intended to provide a “spring-like effect,” which helps propel the runner forward with each stride. Additionally, the Vaporfly shoes boast a layer of cushioning foam that is thicker than that found in most other running shoes. This foam is designed to absorb shock and reduce fatigue, allowing runners to go further and faster.

Despite the impressive design of the Vaporfly shoes, their use in competitive running has been met with some controversy. As the article notes, some critics have argued that the shoes provide an unfair advantage to runners who wear them. World Athletics, the governing body for track and field, has since put in place restrictions on the use of these shoes in competition.

Despite the controversy, the Vaporfly shoes have proven to be a commercial success for Nike. In the words of the article, they have become a “popular choice for long-distance runners around the world.” Many professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts alike have embraced the shoes, citing their ability to enhance performance and reduce fatigue during long runs.

Via The Impactlab