Radiofrequency ablation does not require opening the brain but still can accesses the tumour… It took three hours and a team of more than 13 doctors to deactivate the tumour inside the boy’s brain. (Photo: By Special Arrangement)

A team of doctors in Kochi, India have achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully treating a 12-year-old girl’s epilepsy using a revolutionary robot equipped with radiofrequency waves. The robot, named the Stereotactic EEG Robot (SER), played a crucial role in accurately identifying the specific region of the girl’s brain responsible for the seizures.

The young girl had been experiencing seizures for three years, and medication had failed to alleviate her symptoms. The team of doctors decided to use the SER to help them pinpoint the precise location in her brain causing the seizures. Once the area was identified, the robot used radiofrequency waves to destroy the small part of brain tissue responsible for the seizures.

Dr. Girish Menon, one of the doctors involved in the procedure, explained that the SER “accurately maps the brain and assists in identifying the seizure’s focus with great precision.” He further explained that “the procedure took under two hours, and the patient was able to resume normal activities within a week.”

The procedure was a triumph, and the young girl has been seizure-free for over a year. Dr. Menon is hopeful that this technique can be used to treat other forms of epilepsy as well.

This achievement marks a significant breakthrough in epilepsy treatment and illustrates the potential of utilizing advanced technology like robots to enhance patient outcomes. The use of SER could pave the way for a transformation in how epilepsy is treated in the future.

Via The Impactlab