Satellites going, up to the skies

Low Earth orbit (LEO) is a popular destination for space tech startups due to its proximity to Earth and the potential for new innovations. In Europe, several companies are exploring the possibility of launching LEO launchpads to support these startups.

One such company is Isar Aerospace, a German startup that is developing a rocket capable of launching small satellites into LEO. CEO Daniel Metzler believes that LEO is the “next frontier for space tech startups,” and sees Isar Aerospace as a key player in this emerging market.

Another company, UK-based Orbex, is developing a 3D-printed rocket called Prime that is designed to launch small satellites into LEO. CEO Chris Larmour sees LEO as a “game-changer” for the industry and believes that Orbex can help European startups compete with larger US-based companies.

In addition to launch providers, there are also companies working on LEO infrastructure. Swiss startup Astrocast is building a network of small satellites that will provide global IoT coverage, while Finnish company Iceye is using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology to provide high-resolution imaging of the Earth’s surface.

Overall, the emergence of LEO launchpads and infrastructure providers is an exciting development for European space tech startups. With the right support and investment, these companies could become major players in the growing LEO market.

Via The Impactlab