Space station company Vast’s acquisition of startup Launcher will give it access to a space tug to build a permanently habitable space station in low Earth orbit.

VAST Space Systems, a space station startup, has recently announced the acquisition of Launcher, a rocket manufacturing company. This acquisition will allow VAST to develop their own rockets to launch payloads into orbit and to provide transportation services to their own space stations.

In a statement, VAST CEO, Dylan Taylor, expressed his excitement about the acquisition and the potential it holds for the company. “The acquisition of Launcher represents a major milestone for VAST as we look to expand our capabilities in space,” said Taylor. “With Launcher’s innovative rocket technology and our own unique approach to space station design, we are poised to revolutionize the way that humans live and work in space.”

Launcher’s CEO, Max Haot, echoed Taylor’s sentiments, saying that the two companies have a shared vision for the future of space exploration. “At Launcher, we have always been driven by the belief that space should be accessible to everyone,” said Haot. “Through this acquisition, we are thrilled to join forces with VAST and to work towards our shared goal of making space more accessible and sustainable.”

The acquisition of Launcher comes on the heels of VAST’s successful fundraising efforts, which saw the company raise $110 million in its latest funding round. The funds will be used to further develop VAST’s space station designs and to accelerate the development of their new rockets.

VAST was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating space stations that can support large numbers of people for extended periods of time. The company’s unique approach to space station design includes the use of inflatable habitats that can be easily deployed and expanded in orbit. With the acquisition of Launcher, VAST is now poised to take their vision to the next level, by developing their own rockets and providing transportation services to their space stations.

Overall, the acquisition of Launcher represents an important step forward for VAST as they continue to work towards their goal of making space more accessible and sustainable. With their innovative approach to space station design and their new capabilities in rocket manufacturing, VAST is well positioned to play a major role in the future of space exploration.

Via The Impactlab